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Over the years, Stephen has been called upon for piano tuning services on pianos played by world famous artists, including Bob Dylan and Art Garfunkel. He was the piano tuner at Lincoln Center in Manhattan and has tuned for the Capitol Theater in New York.  Stephen also tuned and worked on the piano of Martin Charnin whose best-known for being the conceiver, director and lyricist of the musical Annie.

An original film score creator, Stephen Segarra’s passion for creating music is unstoppable. He completed the entire score for the silent film Roma directed by Adam Gonzalez which won the People’s Choice Award at the Puerto Rican Film Heritage Film Festival as well as the Winner of Wendy’s Shorts Awards. He also created the original music score for the feature length documentary It’s a Potcake Life, officially selected for ITVfest Film Festival and directed by Evelyn Osorio Vaccaro.

Stephen is currently in pre-production of a historic documentary on the Civil War and has his eyes set on other upcoming projects in already in the works.

Stephen is no longer tuning pianos in New York

he has relocated to Marion County, South Carolina
Stephen's playful selfie of a typical day there

Piano Tuner to Lincoln Center

  • Stephen was a gem all around. He was courteous and listened well, and never did shamed me about my negligence like other piano tuners have in the past. His prices are reasonable if not under what his competitors were quoting me. His ability to get my beat up Kimball upright to sound respectable was nothing short of genius!

    I’m so happy to have finally found someone I can trust to keep my piano in shape! Most of the keys in the middle register were sounding one octave below what they should have sounded like. It got so bad that even my 4 year old commented that the piano was “wrong”. I never thought I’d say this about a piano tuner, but talking to Stephen helped me to appreciate my piano again.

  • Stephen gave our baby grand a good going over. We were delighted to hear that it was in excellent shape and only needed a few minor repairs and a tuning. He offered us a wealth of information on piano care, much more than we expected. My favorite thing that he said was “Pianos need to be played and they need to be loved”. It was obvious that Stephen truly loved pianos.

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    Marion, SC
  • The tuning went extremely well. He was professional, honest and put in a great deal of time tuning a piano that was severly out of tune from not being tuned in many years and previously moved cross county and placed in storage. He suggested that the piano should be tuned again in a week or two as the strings couldn’t be changed as much as needed in one tuning. We agreed and were thrilled with the results. Our musician children visited several weeks later and were impressed with piano. He also gave us a wonderful “recital” to demonstrate the improved sound.

  • I have two older Steinway pianos and have watched and listened to tuners in my home since I was a baby. I am so delighted with Stephen’s services to both pianos, his breadth of knowledge about the instruments and their needs, his positive recommendations, which did not include major repairs, and his obvious and complete involvement in his work. Stephen’s prices are very fair. After he left, I had great enjoyment playing the perfectly tuned Steinway L.

  • I contacted Stephen regarding a piano that had not been tuned in at least 15 years. Stephen was easy to schedule an appointment with and was responsive to my messages. He came over and looked over my piano and gave me an assessment of its condition. He tuned the piano and offered suggestions of repairs I could make to the piano, but was conscious of the cost and didn’t press me to do any of the work. Since I am a new piano owner he also talked to me about a tuning schedule, etc.

    Stephen is personable and professional and I will certainly have him back for the repairs as well as future tunings.

  • Stephen was is very skilled at what he does, and a very nice man. He helped us purchase an old piano which he repaired and tuned – he basically brought the piano back to life!

  • Stephen is courteous, professional, extremely knowledgeable, and creative, which gave us a strong sense of confidence to let him work on our 70 year old piano. He triple tuned our piano and shared with us, a reasonable plan, to keep our piano sounding at its best.


Tuning Pianos Since 2003

Stephen Segarra has perfect pitch

and knows how to restore, repair and tune pianos.

Original Music Score Composer

Stephen has composed and recorded music

for several filmand music projects

He composed the score to the silent film “Roma” and created the original music score for a full length documentary “It’s a Potcake Life.”

Call (914) 275-8388

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Watch and listen to Stephen play a piano that he repaired, tuned and brought back to life.
Also watch the trailers for Roma and It’s a Potcake Life, where you can hear Stephen play his original compositions for film.